Seattle in 5 days with 4 friends, 1 car & countless memories

Thanks to Rory, Sam, Chas & Bela for joining me on this trip & for taking photos when I couldn't :)

Day 1: Biscuit Bitch, Snoqualmie Falls, Twede's Cafe

Our first day in Seattle was nothing short of exciting, we landed around 10 am, ate at Biscuit Bitch, drove to Snoqualmie Falls & ended the night with dinner at Twede's Cafe

Day 2: La Push, Forks, Ferry

If you're in Washington & you don't visit Forks/La Push what are you doing?! We had to be tourists for at least one day, ahaha

Day 3: Wayward Vegan Cafe, Kurt Cobain's house, Downtown Seattle, Vons Italian food

This day was all kinds of weird. We had no real set plans, woke up late & decided to just wing it! Funny how things work out that way

Day 4: Mariners Field Tour, EMP, MoPop, Downtown (again), Mud Bay, Pagliacci Pizza

I have to say hands down this was my favorite day of all! I did miss out on the Mariners tour which I was bummed about, but I had to get work done. Thanks, Rory for taking these!

Day 5: First Starbucks, Pike Place Market, Fremont Troll, Dick's Burgers

The last day....something we all had been dreading, but being our last day we made sure to make the best of it! We did all the touristy stuff & ate some popular Washington burgers (In-n-out is still better)